Home equipment was broken? You are very difficult in finding reputable and quality repair places ?? ADiDi application supports online connection, provides full information of the company's warranty stations across the country to help you contact, monitor, manage and repair the equipment in a simple and convenient way. most beneficial.

Warranty for home appliances
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ADiDi Repair Warranty

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Quick information - Prompt response

Directly update product status information, ADiDi will help you connect to the nearest, fastest and most accurate warranty station. Monitor and manage its warranty information online.

Scan QR Barcode - Check warranty history information

ADiDi supports scanning of QR codes Barcode directly authenticates all information about brands, models, warranty period, etc. The warranty management and repair of equipment in the house will be more simple and convenient. with App ADiDi.
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Online monitoring - Information control

ADiDi supports tracking the order process, incorporating accurate online updates of order details from time to time, strict control of warranty payment information is simple and easy.

Transparent cost - Easy payment

Directly contacting the company's warranty station on the ADiDi application, the equipment in your home will be thoroughly inspected by the station's staff before a warranty warranty quote. Integrating many payment facilities at ADiDi e-wallet to help you trade, make payment simpler and easier.
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Taking photos - live chat conversation

Don't forget to take a few photos of the repaired equipment that will make it easier for service stations to capture your information, advice and care through ADiDi's online messaging system.

Support evaluation - Two-way comment

Applying technology 4.0 to the management system, strictly controlling warranty information, ADiDi supports you to interact, evaluate and bidirectional comments on service quality.

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