ADiDi supports finding the information of short-term or long-term warehouses, connecting to hi-tech warehouse stores with a total area of ​​up to 100,000m2, convenient for storing and distributing goods. In addition, ADiDi supports all services for Businesses from transportation to Installation, Warranty Repair, Shared Warehousing.

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Many types of area (m2) - Effective arrangement

Directly connected with warehouses, diverse areas from 100m2 - 100,000m2 fully meet your needs. Thoroughly implement the cargo arrangement rules to help you make the most of the warehouse space.

Finding location - Scan radius - Convenient and fast

Selecting the right location to store goods will help you be more convenient, cost-effective, convenient and simpler through the radius scanning support feature, find the integrated package area at the application use ADiDi.
Group 8390

Information preview - Direct quote

Please refer to and preview the information, contact the warehouse system to receive a quote, select the appropriate warehouse through the ADiDi application.

Strict control - Absolute safety

Modern equipment, applying technology 4.0 in warehouse management, ADiDi connects with warehouse security systems to ensure safety in the process of storing goods.
Group 8391

Inventory check - Online tracking

Now the management of import and export goods will be simpler than ever through ADiDi's management system, you can watch online, check inventory, import and export goods anytime, anywhere.

Thorough screening - Clear classification

Any goods put into a warehouse are carefully reviewed and clearly sorted and streamlined into warehouse areas. Check regularly and closely follow the standard process of ADiDi.
Group 8392

Comprehensive Security System

All locations in the warehouse are equipped with security cameras to monitor closely and accurately. ADiDi provides standard procedures for care of goods to ensure safe storage conditions.

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