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When working with ADiDi, Enterprise partners can take full advantage of the work time of the workers, directly monitor the work of the workers to increase the revenue revenue for the Shop and Company. In addition, approaching and working with many electronics companies, reputable e-commerce sites will help you expand your relationship, develop a large number of orders quickly, and increase other utilities for the Store, Company.
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For Personal partners

Taking advantage of free time to earn extra income, with unbound by time and place, independent freedom of your own work is a special feature when working with ADiDi. Now finding orders, increasing income will be simpler when working and using ADiDi Partner application.

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Feelings of partners
when working with ADiDi

  • I have tried working with many delivery serviecs, but with ADiDi makes me work the longest. ADiDi impressed me by the application very smart, easy to use, simple application that helped me connect to customers very quickly and also helped me to get more orders in my free time. Thanks ADiDi very much.
    Mr. Nguyen Thanh Long
    Delivery partner
  • When working with ADiDi, I have learned a lot and improved my skills more and more by ADiDi's training classes with electronics companies. In addition, in order to encourage working partners, ADiDi often offers promotion to help partners like me who can receive income from work and can get incentive bonuses when completing orders. Thank you ADiDi for bringing me happy in my work as well as helping me to stabilize my life.
    Mr. Vo Chi Hung
    Installation partner
  • I am a technician and work at an electronics supermarket, but my income has not helped me to stabilize my life. Since working part-time with ADiDi, my daily income has been much more comfortable. Thanks to ADiDi for helping me take advantage of my free time after work to improve income to take care of my family life.
    Mr. Tran Manh Duc
    Installation delivery partner
  • "Umbala now can focus more on sales when cooperating with ADiDi. Thanks to ADiDi for helping Umbala to improve the quality of service for customers through various services such as transportation, Installation Delivery of electrical equipment, and support Umbala's customers to connect warranty service more easily. In addition, thanks to the connection Renting ADiDi's Warehouse service, Umbala can find and choose the appropriate type of warehouse for electric products together with many additional services."
    Mr. Pham Dang Nam
    Commercial Director - Umbala

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