ADiDi is a package application that provides DELIVERY - INSTALLATION - INSTALLATION & DELIVERY service which is unique in Vietnam. ADiDi provides full service with outstanding advantages such as bulky delivery, collection of up to 100 million, various types of vehicles from motorbikes, tricycles to trucks or professional combined investment. With the business community, installers with high technical skills, able to install a variety of products and networks connected to the company's warranty stations throughout the territory of Vietnam, directly connected to the warehouse system with from 100 - 100,000m2 area.

Officially launched on the market at the beginning of April 2019, ADiDi service has achieved impressive indicators for users. ADiDi application provides a package of DELIVERY - INSTALLATION - INSTALLATION & DELIVERY service, with the sharing model of information, user needs to connect with free resources, technicians, construction teams, warranty stations, warehouses, to maximize serving of customer requests through services at ADiDi and ADiDi Partner applications.

ADiDi is step by step prevailing in the market when reaching more than 5,000 Individual/ Business customers registering to use the ADiDi application, package serving a wide range of customer needs with more than 8,000 diverse partners in services,... beyond expectation of a significant increase in the number of orders for Installation Delivery which is counted for 65% of the total orders.

Direct connection with
retail channels, business shops

With the slogan SERVING IS THE MISSION OF ADiDi, It is gradually dominating in the electronics industry by the flexibility, technology application to the service and package ecosystem that ADiDi is providing from delivery, installation, warranty and repair services to renting the warehouse. The main factor in this competition, ADiDi helps businesses, e-commerce sites, stores more secure in the sales business, ADiDi will take care the rest, "from A to Z ”needs without having the association with multiple service units.

First area is the area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces, in order to show "the role of bridge" between retailers and consumers, up to now ADiDi has linked with 5 supermarket chains, online retail systems with nearly 400 branches, 150 independent electronics shops with large scale and more than 300 small shops. In addition, ADiDi also cooperates with hundreds of electronics warranty centers to serve family customers who need to repair home appliances in the most simple and convenient way. Besides that, taking advantage of ourself warehouse as well as cooperating with many standard-sized warehouses and accompanying utilities has helped ADiDi become the top choice of enterprises, e-commerce sites, business shops.

ADiDi application provides
special utilities for users

ADiDi attractive offers
for partners

With serving the needs of customers, ADiDi's responsibility must also bring the happy, satisfaction to partners with promotions, community programs, and programs to stimulate partners to join, or the online program with encouraging patners to accept order proactively - extremely attractive instant income that ADiDi is applying.

You take care the sales the other
things will be cared by ADiDi

To be known as the provider of a full package of services for the electronics industry, initially ADiDi has made a strong impression on users with a huge number of orders , over the expectations. But not only serving in the electronics business, ADiDi still serves all customers' needs in the best way with extensions in services such as moving houses, installing kitchen appliances, ...
In parallel with accessing and maximizing the demand of users, ADiDi has developed a large number of partners, technicans which can meet the number of "big" orders every day. Set up standards, finding and testing of a large number of partners with ADiDi's standards.

Delivery service

Currently ADiDi has connected with more than 2,000 motorbikes, 1,000 tricycles, 500 trucks of all kinds to best meet the needs of customers.
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Installation Service

Currently ADiDi has connected with more than 3,000 Personal Installation partners and more than 1,000 Business partners which are tested and trained according to ADiDi standard.
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Installation Delivery Service

With the Installation Delivery service of ADiDi, it integrates the full package of services from bulky delivery, cash collection, and installation of large electronic equipments to help serve the needs of the Enterprise and the shops, Electronics stores, e-commerce sites.
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Package service - Many types of utilities

Diversified payment facilities

Your transaction will be simpler and more convenient through ADiDi Smart account or customers can pay directly by cash or via bank card. All forms of payment are guaranteed to be safe and absolutely confidential.

Diverse means of transportation

To avoid interruption and delay in goods delivery, ADiDi always have the professional investment to have the transportation vehicles, training professionally the delivery team to serve a variety of customers' needs, as well as Transporting goods from small to bulky in every area, specific time.

Variety of installation services

With a team of partners who have been trained professionally and have long experience in the field of installation, ADiDi believes that it is possible to install almost all equipment from refrigeration, electronics, household appliances, big industrial equipments, maintenance and cleaning of many products.

Professional partner

Before making orders for customers, all partners of ADiDi are professionally trained together with many years of experience in warranty, repair or delivery and installation. With the partners of rented warehouse, ADiDi carefully moderate them with the special process of ADiDi.

Customers talk about ADiDi

  • "The package of ADiDi services makes me feel really surprised and impressed. Professional investment in application systems, management and control of all processes, ADiDi is now serving very well for orders of Phong Vu from small items or bulky , delivery to installation of all IT and electric products supplied by Phong Vu. It's convenient and simple to use ADiDi's service. Thanks ADiDi very much!"
    Mr. Cao Chi Dung
    Operation Director - Phong Vu
  • "With ADiDi's Truck Delivery service on 4.0 technology, I can easily place orders, search trucks at any time. Cooperation with ADiDi makes me more secure when I can track information and order process, strictly control shipping time, intelligent application system to save a lot of costs."
    Mrs. Le Xuan Hoang Minh
    Operation Director - Icare
  • "Umbala now can focus more on sales when cooperating with ADiDi. Thanks to ADiDi for helping Umbala to improve the quality of service for customers through various services such as transportation, Installation Delivery of electrical equipment, and support Umbala's customers to connect warranty service more easily. In addition, thanks to the connection Renting ADiDi's Warehouse service, Umbala can find and choose the appropriate type of warehouse for electric products together with many additional services."
    Mr. Pham Dang Nam
    Commercial Director - Umbala

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