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Reduce costs - Comprehensive safety

Reasons to help customers
choose ADiDi service

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Reasons to help customers choose ADiDi service

-Package of services & Safe & professional
-Simple, fast
-Bulky Delivery with multiple vehicles
-Route monitoring & Transparent cost
-Large network - Perfect solution for Stores / Businesses / E-commerce Sites
Group 8393

Special offer when Customers use ADiDi service

With ADiDi Serving As Mission, ADiDi hopes to serve the best for customers through full service, professional testing and training partners, promotions, incentives based on levels Members which help customers get more benefits when collaborating with ADiDi.

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Feelings of customers
when using ADiDi service

  • "The package of ADiDi services makes me feel really surprised and impressed. Professional investment in application systems, management and control of all processes, ADiDi is now serving very well for orders of Phong Vu from small items or bulky , delivery to installation of all IT and electric products supplied by Phong Vu. It's convenient and simple to use ADiDi's service. Thanks ADiDi very much!"
    Mr. Cao Chi Dung
    Operation Director - Phong Vu
  • "With ADiDi's Truck Delivery service on 4.0 technology, I can easily place orders, search trucks at any time. Cooperation with ADiDi makes me more secure when I can track information and order process, strictly control shipping time, intelligent application system to save a lot of costs."
    Mrs. Le Xuan Hoang Minh
    Operation Director - Icare
  • "Umbala now can focus more on sales when cooperating with ADiDi. Thanks to ADiDi for helping Umbala to improve the quality of service for customers through various services such as transportation, Installation Delivery of electrical equipment, and support Umbala's customers to connect warranty service more easily. In addition, thanks to the connection Renting ADiDi's Warehouse service, Umbala can find and choose the appropriate type of warehouse for electric products together with many additional services."
    Mr. Pham Dang Nam
    Commercial Director - Umbala

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